Monday, November 2, 2009

Clay Pell's grandfather and great-grandfather

Are shown here, in a 1928 painting by Olive Bigelow Pell, Claiborne's stepmother. This is the ten-year-old Claiborne with his father, Herbert Pell. The painting, along with many other Pell-family paintings, photos and framed documents, hangs on the wall of Clay Pell's house, which I visited yesterday.
I think the painting speaks eloquently to the father-son relationship, in which lie many of the clues to Senator Pell later in life.
By a fire in Clay's library, I learned more about the late senator, the late senator's father -- and Clay's dad, the late Bertie, Claiborne and Nuala's first child, named for Herbert. All in all, a fine and productive Sunday afternoon.
Image courtesy of Clay Pell.

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